Dancing is our passion

We are a new studio in Wimbledon. Hybrid Gymnastics was founded by Patricia Teusdea, a professional Romanian dancer and gymnast. She practiced Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ballet and Show Dance for over 15 years. In 2010 she won the 1st Place at The World Dance Championship of Show Dance in Porec (Croatia) and three times the 1st place at the European Championships in Hungary and Romania.
The company was founded with the thought of sharing all the experiences and knowledge about gymnastics, ballet and show dance in a fun and professional manner. The kids will benefit of working with Patricia, by learning a wide range of skills. The lessons will run smoothly and the children will learn the basics of gymnastics from Tuck Shape, Star Shape, Pike Shape, Straddle Shape, and Forward Roll all the way to Cartwheels, Hand Stands, Walk Overs, Hand Springs and many more. However, the most important things they will learn are a nice position of the body and how to be disciplined.


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